0119. Nik to get the knack of swimming at the Dome

A member of staff at the Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust is taking the plunge and learning to swim – at a class designed to get late starters back in the pool.

Twenty-three year-old marketing co-ordinator Nik Pey, from Cantley, has decided to join the swimming lessons at the Doncaster Dome to improve his skills.

Nik said: “I am definitely not the strongest swimmer so the adult lessons seemed like the perfect challenge to help me improve. We have been running them for several years at the Dome so it seems like the right time to get involved myself!”

Nik has set up a blog to provide a weekly update on his progress. He said: “I’m keen to share my experiences and remind people that it’s never too late to learn something new and have fun in the pool.

“Swimming is great exercise that has many health benefits and our lessons have always been popular with adults.”

New statistics from the Amateur Swimming Association suggest that a third of children leave primary school unable to swim, explaining the demand for adult swimming sessions.

Nik said: “Lots of schools don’t provide swimming lessons or do so only for a limited time, so our classes help those who might not have had the chance to learn to get instruction from a fully qualified coach.”

As well as being an enjoyable leisure activity, learning to swim also has the potential to save lives. Figures from the National Water Safety Forum show that more than 400 people drown each year in the UK.

The Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust’s lesson development co-ordinator Joanne Allen is currently visiting primary schools across the town to help teach children about water safety.

The Trust has introduced swimming lessons across all its venues for children aged 3 years or over, a move that has seen a 22 per cent increase in the number of children learning to swim at its pools.

More than 6,000 children swim at the Trust’s venues through its Learn to Swim programme or educational swimming lessons.

For more information on swimming lessons, visit www.dclt.co.uk/learntoswim or call 01302370777. Prices start from £16.25 per month. Nik’s blog can be viewed at www.dclt.co.uk/swimmingblog.