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Man V Fat

11 Dec 2018

Man V Fat

Doncaster footballers give their excess pounds the boot

Footballers taking part in a tournament in Doncaster which is designed to help men lose weight have seen the pounds tumbling over the last few months.

The Doncaster MAN v FAT Football league kicked off at Rossington Community Sports Village, run by Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT), in September and its first ever members have been having huge successes in shedding the excess weight as they have competed.

The league adds incentives by giving teams bonus goals when their players hit their weight loss targets each week.

Tony Head, a member of the league, is proud of the steps he has taken in his weight loss so far.

He said: "The league has been brilliant for me and I'm already seeing visible benefits to my body shape after only a couple of months of playing.

"I look at pictures of myself and the difference between August and now is enormous. I'm really happy with it and it makes you want to keep pushing on.

"The fact that you can have a laugh and lots of fun while you're losing all this weight too makes it feel so easy."

Some 95% of players who take part in the league lose weight in the process, while the average weight lost by a player is 23lbs (10kg).

Kraig Kelly, head of Leisure at DCLT, said: "It's fantastic to see that all the hard work these guys are putting in is really paying off.

"The competitive spirit amongst them to top the league by winnings games and hitting their weight loss targets has really contributed to a positive atmosphere down at the Rossington Community Sports Village every Monday.

"It would be great to see more Doncaster men coming along to have some fun, play football and lose weight in the process!"

The Doncaster league's first season saw Donny Dier live up to their name after losing all 10 of their matches, while the Doncaster Black Puddings struck first blood to take the inaugural title.

The next season in Doncaster begins on Monday 7 January. Anybody can find out more information and sign up by visiting www.manvfatfootball.org/doncaster

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