Welcome to Choose Fitness

Congratulations on making a great decision to join Choose Fitness, Doncaster’s number one health and fitness membership. As a member of Choose Fitness, you now have access to 9 gyms, 8 swimming pools and over 300 fitness classes across Doncaster every week.

Membership Card

Your membership card will be available for collection at your chosen Choose Fitness Venue. Speak to a member of our team on your next visit to collect your card.

Four-Part Induction

Now you're a member you will receive a FREE Four-Part Induction to guide you through the early stages of your fitness journey. We will demonstrate the best technique and posture to adopt whilst using the equipment which will also ensure that you remain safe at all times and are using the equipment effectively to maximise your workout.


As a member of Choose Fitness, you are now able to book onto your favourite classes online. Simply find the class you wish to attend and book online by using your personal PIN & ID. 

Your PIN & ID will be emailed to you directly now you're a member. If you haven't received your email, speak to a member of our team who will be able to provide you with the relevant information.

Fitness Class Timetable

Swimming Timetable


Check your current health situation with our body-stat measurement process, a non-invasive analysis of your body composition.

The body is made up of three major compartments;

  • Body Fat
  • Lean Muscle
  • Hydration (fluids) 

Using the body-stat machine we calculate your current values in these areas and plot them against the optimum ranges.

FREE Fitness Programme

Following your induction, we will be able to put together a personalised fitness programme tailored to your specific goals. This is a great way to track your improvement. 

Book yourself in for a free consultation on your next visit.