Family Ice Skating

Ice skating has never been more safe and fun for the family. The Ice caps at the Doncaster Dome is the first and only split-level ice rink in the UK offering families a unique skating experience.

Fully equipped for beginners to try the ice for the first time with skating supports and skating aids, so you can enjoy it safely.

Skate School this Easter

YOUNG skaters in Doncaster can have a cool time this school holiday at the Doncaster Dome’s Ice Skating Holiday Club.
Our holiday club will give children the chance to enjoy a 30-minute ice warm-up activity followed by 90 minutes on the ice with an instructor teaching them all of the basics.
It’s a fantastic way for children and young people to start off their day and will help them to build their skills on the ice.”
The holiday club costs £60 for the week and sessions will run from Mon to Fri from 8am – 10am.

Skate Clinic
If you need some extra guidance then why not try one of our skate clinics? 
Starting 30 mins before the ice open to the general public. Our ice marshals will talk through all you need to know about putting boots on to taking your first steps on the ice. Then you can take to the ice a full 15mins before anyone else to have a quick practice on the empty rink.

At only £7 per person including session entry & skate hire its terrific value and great to get the basics.

We have everything you need for an enjoyable stay

  • On-site café
  • Skating aids to help you stand on the ice
  • Ice skate shop
  • Arcade Zone
  • Accessible Facility
  • Lockers
  • Free Car Park

Plus All under 5's go FREE!


  Adults Junior Under 5 Skate Hire
Afternoon Skate £3.70 £3.30 FREE £2
Family Disco £3.70 £3.30 FREE Included
Neon £4.00 £4.00   £2
Ice Noon £3.70 £3.30 FREE £2
Blizzard £4.00 £3.60 FREE £2
Early Bird £3.70 £3.30 FREE £2
Easy Skate £3.10 £3.10 FREE Included
Easy Skate Xtra £3.10 £3.10 FREE Included
Skate Hire is available for £2 on selected sessions        

Day Ticket

Adults Junior Family
£8.50 £7 £30

Ice Skating Sessions & Buy Tickets Online

Ice Skating Rules & Supervision Policy

Please familiarise yourself with our Ice Skating Rules & Policy before entering the ice.


Please familiarise yourself with our Ice Skating Rules before entering the Ice.

  • No Smoking
  • No food or drink on the ice
  • No jumping over the barriers
  • No horseplay
  • No chains of more than 2 people
  • No throwing or spraying the ice
  • No heal stops
  • No threatening or abusive behaviour
  • No Backwards skating on the ramps
  • No loose items on the ice (bags, Phones etc)
  • No walking on the ice without ice skates
  • No skating whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No skating in an unsafe manner
  • No tricks outside designated times
  • No speed skating outside designated times
  • Always skate in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Always observe safety signage and staff instruction
  • Ensure socks or tights are pulled up
  • Loosen the laces/straps to allow your foot to slip into the boot easily
  • Using the hooks or straps, fasten up the boots from bottom to top
  • The laces/straps need to be relatively loose around the lower part of your foot
  • Ensure the laces/straps are tight around your ankle to aid support


The minimum requirement for this session is one adult and one junior. Under no circumstances will individual adults or juniors be admitted to this session.
Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult on the ice at all time.
Children under 8 are not permitted on the ice during the Neon session.