Healthy Easter Snacks

We know that children will be eating chocolate and sweets over Easter, but there are lots of other treats and snacks you can make with them and enjoy to ensure they maintain a healthy diet full of nutrients and goodness.

Easter Fruit Kebabs

These Easter fruit kebabs are super healthy and super easy!

Just poke on a selection of healthy easter fruit and veg.

For the rabbit, you could find some rabbit shaped sweets or marshmallows, or you could cut a rabbit shape out of cheese.

Bunny Sandwiches

These bunny sandwiches will make any child smile on Easter Sunday.

Just cut your sandwich shape with a bunny shaped cutter and decorate them with whatever they like to create the face.

On these, we have used ham and also made flower shaped boiled eggs using a flower cutter.

Baby Chick Flatbread

This baby child flatbread can be made with any type of flat read or crips bread such as ryveta.

Spead the cream cheese on the bread and decorate the chick with fruit.

For extra fun, add an apple as a broken egg, bread clouds, orange slice sun and chopped grapes for grass.

Granny Rabbit

This is easier than it looks!

Cut an apple in half and decorate the face of the rabbit with cheese, chocolate, marshmallows and sweets.

Use the remaining half to cut the ear shapes.

You can secure these with cocktail sticks but make sure small fingers are supervised when taking off the ears becuase of sharp ends.

Granola Eggs

These gronala eggs are made by rolling peanut butter and gronala together, with some chopped up smarties added in for an Easter treat.

You could use cereal or oats too, or add honey for extra flavour,

To get perfect egg shapes use a silicon mould, but if you don't have one of those you can have lots of gooey fun rolling them by hand!

Frozen Yoghurt Cubes

A great alternative to ice cream these frozen yoghurt cubes are really easy to make.

You can aso add fruit for extra flavour.

These are made with a regular ice cube tray but you could go the extra mile if you have any funky shaped trays!

Banana Ears

Another very easy one to make all you need is an apple, a banana and some fruit or veg to decorate the face.

We have used carrots for the whiskers, a raspberry for the nose and blueberry for the eyes, but you could use anything that gives the same effect.

Easter Egg Platter

Your imagination is your oyster (or egg!) with this Easter platter.

Start off working from the outside in to create a pretty Easter fruity egg that looks too good to eat.

This one is made from 100% fruit but you could add vegetables too such as chopped peppers, shredded carrots and baby tomatoes too.

Easter Picnic Platter

This platter is perfect for sharing in the garden for a picnic-at-home if the weather is nice.

Use as many colourful fruit and veg items as you can find to create the most appealing picnic ever.

Pop in a white chocolate bunny as a treat for afters.

Healthy Egg Hunt

These fillings are perfect for families that wish to have a really healthy egg hunt.

You can add all sorts of fruits, nuts, veg, biscuits and cheese items to your eggs instead of chocolate and sweets and these are just as appealing if not even better.

Options you can use that are small enough for eggs are:

  • nuts
  • chopped cheese
  • healthy biscuit shapes
  • celery
  • strawberries
  • chopped apple
  • grapes
  • fruit sweets
  • raisins
  • blueberries

& much more!

Banana Bunnies

Grab some bananas and some lolly sticks and get creative.

Chop the banana in half and put a lolly stick up the bottom.

Dip in chocolate or yoghurt and then decorate with sweets, marshmallows and anything else fun and colourful.

You could either put them in the fridge, or you could freeze them if using yoghurt.