Gyms across Doncaster

Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust boasts the largest selection of fitness facilities and services in Doncaster. With venues right across Doncaster, you'll never be far away from one of our state of the art Gyms, studios and Swimming Pools.

Venues Across Doncaster

  Gym Studio Swimming Pool Sauna Steam Room
Adwick Leisure Complex  
Armthorpe Leisure Centre    
Askern Leisure Centre      
Dearne Valley Leisure centre    
Edlington Leisure Centre        
Fitness Village, Balby  
Rossington Community Swimming Pool        
Rossington Community Sports Village      
The Dome
Thorne Leisure Centre    

What's more, we've made it even easier to improve your fitness by combining all of these great features into one fantastic membership; Choose Fitness.


An induction is crucial if you’re new to the gym. Even if you know your way around the gym, it’s always beneficial to have a professional demonstrate to you how to use each piece of equipment.

All members will be given a full 4-part induction FREE of charge to guide you through the early stages of your fitness journey.

We will demonstrate the best technique and posture to adopt whilst using the equipment which will also ensure that you remain safe at all times and are using the equipment effectively to maximise your workout.

Tailored Programmes

Following your induction, we will be able to put together a personalised fitness programme tailored to your specific goals. This is a great way to track your improvement. 

Health MOT

Check out your current health situation with our Bodystat® measurement process; a non-invasive analysis of your body composition. 
The body is made up of 3 major compartments:

  • Body Fat
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Hydration (fluids) (intracellular/extracellular water, Over-hydration and dehydration)

Using the Bodystat® machines we calculate your current values in these areas and plot them against optimum ranges.

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Gym access and induction is FREE, included as part of your Choose Fitness Membership