We are now open

It has felt like a very long, few months without you and we are looking forward to being able to welcome you back.

We’ve been following the Government advice closely and the gradual relaxing of the rules around the lockdown means that we can open some of our centres on July 25.

Here we want to share with you how we will do this, which centres will be first and importantly how you’ll be able to come back to Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust and use our facilities again.

Our team have been busy planning which venues will be safe to open and how. We are making sure that we have safe, hygienic facilities that enable our customers and staff to be together in a socially distanced way with plenty of space to use for their exercise. The different sizes and spaces in our venues mean that this will work better in some rather than others and for that reason, we will be having a rolling opening process with four gyms and a number of exercise classes opening in this phase.

On July 25 we will reopen Fitness Village gyms at

  • Doncaster Dome
  • Dearne Valley Leisure Centre
  • Adwick Leisure Complex
  • Fitness Village, Balby 

We will also be introducing a new exercise class timetable.

Reopening Swimming Pools

The next phase of the reopening plans will see the pools at

  • Adwick Leisure Complex
  • Armthorpe Leisure Centre
  • Dearne Valley Leisure Centre
  • Doncaster Dome
  • Thorne Leisure Centre.

More details of the pool times and bookings will be available soon.

Things will look a bit different

Things will look different for a while and the way that you access our facilities will be different. We need to work together to make sure that this works for our staff and members, so here’s a sneak peek at how things will be.

We’ll be in touch with members via email over the next couple of days to confirm details for bookings.

Any updates will also be made here on the website.

What does this mean for my membership?

  • Members of the four sites that we plan to open first, will have their memberships unfrozen automatically from the date we reopen 
  • Members of other sites who wish to use these gyms will be able to unfreeze their own membership via our website if they wish to do so. Information on how to do this will be sent soon.
  • Members of other sites do not need to do anything. If they are not yet ready to return to exercising with us, their membership will remain frozen 

Booking: all sessions will need to be pre-booked online

  • We know that for many people going to the gym might depend on how you are feeling that day and you are used to being able to just turn up. Sadly, social distancing means that this cannot happen, and all sessions must be pre-booked online. 
  • Sessions will be bookable using the same system that members will have previously used for booking fitness classes.  
  • Don’t worry if you have forgotten your login details, we’ll be sending reminders throughout this week. 
  • You’ll need to bring proof of your booking to gain entry, just an email on your phone will suffice - and you will need to turn up on time, (but not early!). 
  • We won’t be able to grant access to the sites to anyone who hasn’t booked. This is to ensure that we are keeping to the guidelines and that we can operate safely. Please don’t turn up if you haven’t booked. 
  • Our gym spaces will look different as equipment will be spaced out to give everybody the confidence to exercise safely. 

Extra Cleaning: cleanliness and hygiene are everyone's responsibility

  • We will have an enhanced cleaning regime throughout all venues
  • Cleaning equipment will be available within easy reach of every gym station and we ask you to use it before and after each exercise. This includes wiping down exercise mats
  • Hand gel will be available and in line with the Government guidance regarding regularly washing hands we ask that you use this before you touch any equipment
  • All customers should bring a clean towel with them for their own personal hygiene.
  • Please bring your own water and take the bottle home with you as you leave
  • You must exercise social distancing at all times and respect other users

Timeslots: to ensure everyone gets their opportunity to exercise

  • All sessions will be 1-hour slots. The 1-hour session will include the allowance for safe arrival, movement through the centre and leaving the premises. 
  • You will only be allowed to book one session at a time, this means you cannot book double sessions or move from one activity to another.  
  • No changing rooms or showers will be available.  

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We need to follow the government guidelines  

  • To ensure social distancing is maintained one-way systems will be in place to protect customers and staff. These must be followed at all times. 
  • There will be restrictions in place at some venues regarding access and pathways through the venue. These have been put in place for safety reasons. 
  • It is important that you always exercise in a social distanced way and respect other users. 

No Doubt you will have questions

We have prepared some FAQ's which will hopefully answer all of your questions. If not, then please feel free to send us an email using the form on the bottom of the FAQ's page.

Please bear in mind though, that we do not have all of the answers at the minute, particularly around definitive dates for reopening. We will do our best to answer all questions, but as the situation and guidance changes regularly, we may not be able to provide definitive answers to all questions just yet.

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