Schools out for summer

Reward the students for all their hard work that they have put in, after what has been a very stressful time for all.

Make a BIG splash in the pool, glide on the ice at The Dome or tackle the floating inflatable course, The Aquapark at Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre.

The activity days provide the students with the opportunity to enjoy physical activity whatever the weather. It's great fun for all and a fantastic way to the end the school term. 

Available only between Monday - Friday 4th - 29th July

Visit the Aquapark 

Make a big splash on the Aquapark. The Aquapark sessions are 60 minutes long which include a 10-minute compulsory safety briefing at the beginning of the session.

Group rate - £14 per person

Make a Big Splash at The Dome

Get into your swimming costumes and splash around in the pool at The dome with all the waterslides and features. Big splash sessions are 90 minutes long.

Group rate - £5 per person

Ice Skating at the Dome

Glide on the ice at Uk's only split level ice rink the IceCaps.Skating aids can also be purchased t the time of booking.
Ice skating sessions are 90 minutes long

Group rate - £4.50 per person

Can teachers take part?

Teachers can also take advantage of our great group booking offer, simply ask at the time of booking.

Food & refreshments

Don't worry about food and refreshment during your visit. We have plenty of options available & would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Group booking rate applies to groups of 10 & more.