Easter Hunts

We've prepared TWO amazing Easter Hunts for your children to enjoy at home!

QR Code Hunt

Children of all ages will enjoy this fun and interactive hunt using QR Codes!

Younger children will think it is magic, and older children might be more inclined to join in if it involves tech - it will also encourage older siblings to help younger siblings so they can enjoy hunting together.

Guide for Parents

Print off the QR code clue sheet, or scan them stright from this screen, and let your children have fun finding the eggs using the photo's that pop up from the codes.

Here are the answers so you can hide them in the correct places!

1. Under a bed 2. On the sofa 3. In the washing machine 4. In the fridge 5. By the TV 6. Under a table 7. By a fence 8. On the doorstep 9.In the bath 10. In the kitchen sink   


Traditional Easter Hunt

This more traditional style hunt is perfect for children that like to solve puzzles!

Just print off the clues you want to use.

In case you need them, here are the answers:

1. Near the car 2. Bath Tub 3. By a tree 4. Under their pillow 5. Inside a cup 6. Inside a book