Fun with Bubbles

Nobody is ever too old to have fun with the bubbles!

Here are some great games you can play in the garden, or in an open space, to keep active and have lots of fun at the same time!

Bubble Up

Girl playing with soap bubbles

Have your family form a circle. Choose one family member stand in the middle, and give that person a bottle of bubbles and a multi-holed bubble wand. Ask the person to blow as many bubbles as he can up into the air. The rest of the family have to try to keep them in the air or from popping by blowing on them (in an upward direction). When the last bubble is gone, a new family member goes in the middle. Play until everyone has had a turn as the bubble blower.  

Bubble Art

Macro rainbow bubbles of bath bombs texture

This is a combination of a party game and art project that kids will enjoy. Set out several bowls of dish soap paint (when making this, make sure it has the consistency of bubble soap). Have the family pair up to do this project.

One member of the family will dip their wand into the color of their choice and blow a bubble. The other persom has to hold up a piece of paper and catch the bubble, so that it pops onto the paper, leaving a splash of color on the page. This continues until the player with the bubble wand has used all the colors he wishes to create a design on the paper. Players then switch places so that everyone can have a turn making a bubble art project. 

Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

Little Kids Having Fun Outdoors

(stock photo, taken before social distancing)

Every kid loves to play freeze dance, and every kid loves popping bubbles. This game combines the love of both for an awesome good time. To begin, have all of your family gather in a central space. Now play some party music and have them dance. Have a few adults blow bubbles into the dance space, and ask your kids to pop as many bubbles as they can.

When the music stops, kids must stop dancing, stop popping bubbles, and freeze in place. This becomes especially challenging for little ones who would rather keep popping bubbles than freeze. Anyone who fails to freeze, however, is out of the game before the next round begins. But players who are “out” don’t have to be sad, because they get to help blow the bubbles into the crowd. Keep playing until only one player remains in the dance space.  

Bubble Wand Relay Race

Boy making oversized bubble in backyard

Divide  the family into two teams, and have them line up behind a starting line. Place a construction cone or some kind of marker several feet away from the starting line. One at a time, players must blow a bubble and then catch it on their wands. Once they have caught their bubbles, they must race to the marker and back without popping or losing their bubbles (if this happens, the player must go back and start over).

When they get back to their teams, the wands are passed off to the next players in line, who must transport their bubbles to the marker and back. Play continues until one team completes the task. This team wins. 

Bubble Tag

Young girl blowing bubbles outdoor

This is the classic backyard game of tag, but instead of tagging players with her hands, the player who is “it” must instead blow a bubble onto another player. Once a player is hit with a bubble, he is either out or has to take the place of being “it.”