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Bowling challenge set by Deaf blind Doncaster man to raise money for Guide Dogs

16 Jul 2019

Bowling challenge set by Deaf blind Doncaster man to raise money for Guide Dogs

A Deafblind man from Doncaster is challenging people to a game of bowling with a twist, this week (July 19), at his local leisure complex.

Martin Southam, aged 50, from Stainforth, is partially sighted and partially deaf and relies heavily on his guide dog, Kean, and he has created the fundraising challenge to raise money for Guide Dogs to ensure that other people can benefit from the support a guide dog offers.

Martin said: “Kean, my guide dog is very important to me and gave me my independence back, that is why I fundraise for Guide Dogs and volunteer for them as a speaker. They have made a huge positive impact on my life.

“The challenge will take place on July 19 between 12 noon and 8pm at Strikes Bar in Adwick Leisure Complex. I’m inviting people to come and play ten pin bowling with me, but the twist is that they need to wear a pair of special glasses which will give them a rough idea what I see.

“All that I’m asking is that people make a donation towards Guide Dogs for taking part. I’ll be there for the full eight hours and hope that lots of people will come and have a game.

“I want to say thank you to Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT) for letting me do that at Adwick Leisure Centre, this is one of their gyms that I attend to take part in classes and they always make me and Kean extremely welcome.”

Martin has been visiting The Dome for four years and has been a regular at Adwick for the last two years where he enjoys body balance, pump and combat and Les Mills classes.

Di Moore, general manager, Adwick Leisure Complex, part of DCLT said: “We are pleased to be able to support Martin with this challenge. He is a regular at our venues and we all love to see him and Kean coming along for the classes.

“He’ll be offering his competitors glasses that limit their vision so that their eyesight is the same as his to try to raise awareness for Guide Dogs. He’ll be joined by other customers with guide dogs and walkers with puppies visiting on the day and we hope that lots of people will come along and take part in the challenge.”

DCLT run 13 leisure venues across Doncaster, including The Dome, Adwick Leisure Centre, Dearne Valley Leisure Centre and Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre.

“I really enjoy visiting the centres as we are always made very welcome and the staff and instructors are brilliant and instructors.

“I am registered deafblind with usher syndrome type 2 but I still have some sight at the moment. Having Kean with me makes me fell safe and well when out and I want other people with limited sight or who are registered blind to be able to have that same feeling of security.

“Come along and help us to raise money for this life-changing charity,” added Martin.

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