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Jessica’s swimming aspirations boosted with Top Girl Award

26 Feb 2019

Jessica’s swimming aspirations boosted with Top Girl Award

An eight year old girl from Mexborough is making a real splash in the world of swimming, winning four medals, including top girl, from her last championships,

Jessica Hubery, was just three years old when she started swimming and just five years later, after completing all of her learn to swim stages on Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust’s (DCLT) swimming programme, she is swimming for a club.

Ryan Scott, swim development officer at DCLT said: “We’re so impressed with how well Jessica is doing and so proud of what she is achieving in the pool.

“She was talent spotted by one of our swimming instructors, Katie, who put her forward for Dearne Valley Swimming Club.

“Jessica learned to swim at our Dearne Valley Leisure Centre pool and really enjoyed her lessons. She worked her way through all of the stages and is now doing really well at her club.

“Learning to swim is a vital life skill and each year we teach thousands of children and young people to swim and have confidence in the water.

“Our instructors’ spot swimming talent early and work with the swimming clubs to help those with the potential to compete in the sport to develop.”

Following a successful trial with Dearne Valley Swimming Club (DVSC) Jessica trained with the club and competed in the DVSC Home Championships and where she won four medals, including a gold.

Jessica’s mum Emma Hubery said: “I am really grateful to all of the DCLT swimming instructors as they have really taught Jessica well over the years and to Katie for spotting  Jessica’s talent and putting her forward to Dearne Valley Swimming Club. 

“We had no idea when Jessica first started learning to swim that she would turn out to be so good at it and that she would enjoy it as much as she does.

“DVSC have been great and have enabled Jessica to continue with her swimming, they have great coaches who are working to develop her skill and help her to reach the potential they see in her. The encouragement that they give to all of the children on in their club is fantastic.

“Our hopes for Jessica are that she puts her all into her swimming and does really well. We really hope that she can go far with it. She is at the beginning of her journey now and she is really enjoying it.”

Jessica’s brother James, aged 6, is also learning to swim at DCLT and is taking part in the learn to swim programme.

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