Boat & Craft Hire at Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre

Kayak - Closed cockpit and sit-on-tops

Loads of fun on your own in these little boats.  Perfect for novice or expert alike, great for exploring the lake with or just messing around with your friends!

Canadian Canoe

A Canoe made for two. A fantastic choice if you want to take somebody out on the water with you to help out with the paddling! They will keep you drier than a kayak but there is no guarantee of a completely dry ride…. It depends on your canoeing partner!

Katakanu - Family Canoe

An ideal choice for the family or for those wanting to explore the lake without the risk of capsizing Up to 6 people can take to the water at once.


Sit on Top Kayak £10 per craft Book a Kayak
Canadian Canoe (2 people) £15 per craft   Book a Canoe
Katakanu - Family Canoe (up to 6 people) £20 per craft   Book a KataKanu
Private Launch Hire (Bring Your Own Craft)  £10 per hour   Book Private Launch Hire

Sessions are 50 minutes long, so plenty of time to explore all parts of the lake.

All buoyancy aids are supplied.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to give you plenty of time to be ready to take to the water.

Minimum age for single occupancy craft hire is 8 years old.

Bring Your Own Craft

There is also the option to bring your own craft and enjoy our lake from the comfort of your own paddleboat.

1-hour booking slots are available at a cost of £10 per hour, and you can book as many hours as you need at this rate.


What boats and craft are available to hire?

We currently Kayaks, Canadian Canoes and Katakanu's available for hire. You can find more information about each type of craft here.

Can I bring my own craft?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own craft and pay a charge simply for using our lake. All paddle boats are permitted.

We request evidence of your insurance and this must comply with British Canoeing regulations.

How do I book?

Online booking links for both Craft Hire and Bring Your Own can be found here.

What safety equipment do I need?

All buoyancy aids are provided. You are also welcome to use your own aids, as long as they comply with European safety standars.

How old do children have to be to go on the boats?

There is no minimum age for children to experience boating on our lake, as long as the equipment fits them safely.

Children under 8 must be in a craft with a responsible adult.

Children age 8-12 years must have an adult on the water with them but this can be in separate boats.

Children age 12 - 15 years may explore the lake on their own but must have an adult supervising from the lakeside.