Ice skating lessons at the Dome

Learn to skate on our structured programme of lessons, designed to help you progress through the grades to become a competent Ice Skater. Ice Skating Lessons are available from 5-year-olds through to adults.

The Skating programme is set up in 4 grades which emphasize fun and are taught in a group format.

Our Skating lesson programme is delivered by fully qualified instructors who encourage continuous improvement and development.

Pricing (10 Lesson Blocks)

Direct Debit
Direct Debit + Play Zone Membership
Saturday 7.30am - 10am
Sunday 7.30am - 10am

Grading Outcomes

Grade 1


Grade 2 

1. Introduction onto the ice   1. Advancing to a better gliding motion when skating basic pushes.
2. Sitting on the ice and getting up in the correct way   2. Snow plough
3. Basic pushes/steps across the ice to the middle   3. Balancing round a circle
4. Progression to gliding from one foot to the other    4. Backwards pizzas
5. Forward skating followed by touching toes and standing back up   5. Backwards skating improved
6. Pizzas (forwards)    6. Forwards balance across the ice, leg extended
7. Gliding down the slope with help    7. Introduce forward crossovers
8. Half snow plough   8. Gliding down the slop without help
9. Touch toes and jump    9. Forward skating
10. Backwards pizzas/backwards skating    
11. Gliding on one foot for 3 seconds    
12. Full snow plough    

Grade 3


Grade 4

1. Progression to better balancing round in a circle on the outside and inside edges   1. Forward crossovers
2. Backwards skating   2. Backwards crossovers
3. T Stop   3. Two foot turns
4. Forward crossovers   4. Chassis 
5. Stepping from backwards to forwards   5. Backwards outside glides
6. Introducing backwards crossovers   6. Backwards 2-foot slalom
7. Forwards and backwards skating to be practiced all the time   7. Backwards crossovers to landing position
    8. Introduce 1-foot spin

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