Conisbrough Music Fest 2020

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The Leopard

Conisbrough Music Fest 2020 Band Showcase

This event is a showcase for new local talent. Band have the chance of securing a place on the main stage at Conisbrough Music Fest 2020 on Saturday 4th July.
Follow the Giant Jamie Collins : Bass and Lead Vocals, Steven Sherwood : Guitar and B Vocals, Olly Chilton: Guitar,Scott Parker : Drums Jeanie Leach : Keys
Home Town London York Leeds
Fan of The Amazons, Catfish and the Bottlemen? Check out Follow the Giant and their most recent single! "Blistering 4 piece Indie Rock band, creating catchy melodies and a true individual sound, not ones to miss "Energetic! from start to finish, you never want the show to end. However, all good things must come to an end but i will definitely be coming back to see these guys again and again and again""Inspired by bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Hunna, Follow The Giant are a heavy indie pop-rock band, their songs are all catchy, will have you moving and singing along in no time."

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