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Home Wrecked

Home Wrecked are a progressive pop punk band from South Yorkshire, England formed
in the summer of 2016.
The band consists of 5 members:
Joe Daniels Vocals
Richard Copley Guitar
Alastair Murphy Guitar
Ben Hinchliffe Drums
The band have 2 EPs to their name entitled “When All Goes Wrong” and “Try What You
Want Just Make Sure It Works”, and are confident that the next release will take them on
to the next level in their music career.
Home Wrecked have had plays on both local and national radioTV stations including
the Daniel P Carter Radio1 Rock Show and Kerrang TV as well as an ep review in the
popular RockSound magazine.
Along with a full UK tour, the boys have also played festivals across the UK and Europe.
They have a strong fan base as their 4 music videos on YouTube have amassed 90,000 plus views and regularly average 15,000 plus monthly listeners on Spotify.
All current songs
EPs are available as a digital download purchase through iTunes,
Spotify, Apple Play, Amazon Music, Google Play. Hard copies are also available from the
bands official merchandise stall and live shows.
They proudly endorse Ernie Ball, Natal drums and Vocalzone.
For fans of
The Story So Far, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Bring Me The Horizon.

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