Michael Starring Ben

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The Dome

LondonTheatre1.com, 4 Stars
"Michael Starring Ben is probably the closest you’ll get to see the King of Pop perform today.
…just for a short while imagine this is what it must have been like to watch MJ perform.
This award winning production features an incredible live band, stunning costumes, iconic dance routines and of course, the inimitable Ben.”
… the most authentic, lively and powerful recreation of the iconic superstar you will ever experience.”

West End Theatreland
Ben Bowman… gave off a performance that just oozed smoothness. It’s clear that the role of Michael Jackson was one that he was born to play.
“ I closed my eyes and I thought I may as well have been listening to Michael Jackson himself live on stage!”
“The mixture of stunning vocals, eye catching choreography and head bopping live music shot electricity across the audience”
“I felt that I had honestly just watched Michael Jackson, the King of Pop perform.”

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