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Perfectparachutepicture, stylised as PPP, are an English rock band formed in Sheffield in 2013. Consisting of members Edward James on Bass and Kyle Morton on drums and lead vocals. The duo are renowned for their high energy, sonically powerful live performances that are met with strong melodic vocals. PPP are constantly making waves across the UK, with their unique and exciting live show.
Their much awaited debut album ‘No Modern Desire’ was released in September and they are now touring extensively country-wide to promote it.
Named after two worlds colliding, with an age of modern technology seemingly taking over, it's easy to get side tracked and ultimately become blind to the beauty of life. A thirty minute collection of passionate riffy noise-pop-rock. In a modern age of crippling desires, this album articulates what the band think you should prioritise in life.

One of BBC Music Introducing's 'Artists of 2018' as rated by Christian Carlisle, BBC Music Introducing in Sheffield.

Over the last 6 years the band have supported the following touring bands, Turbowolf (Bristol, UK), Sextile (Los Angeles, USA), DEAD! (London, UK), Fang Club (Dublin, UK), Baby Godzilla (Nottingham, UK), Darlia (Blackpool, UK), Dinosaur Pile-Up (Leeds, UK) and False Heads (London, UK) and worked alongside many other names.

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