The Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McVay

The Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McVayImage

Doors Open At 7pm

RAY McVAY’S “IN THE MOOD” as the world’s GREATEST Big Band
transports you back to the heady days and music of the 1940’s -
with the fabulous harmonies of the Moonlight Serenaders and the
sublime vocals of Catherine Sykes and Mark Porter.

Giving you a taste of the Lindy Hop dance moves of the Forties are
the energetic and exciting SWING TIME JIVERS. AND, bringing you
the sound of the Andrews Sisters, the talented POLKA DOT DOLLS.
Come and hear the music that got us through the war with smiles
on our faces and laid the foundations of pop right up to
the present day.

In the Mood, Moonlight Serenade, American Patrol, Little Brown
Jug, Tuxedo Junction and the song that became pop history’s first
gold disc, Chattanooga Choo Choo! Audiences of all ages will be
thrilled by the sound of this amazing Big Band.

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