Video Games exhibition a big hit with Luke

Doncaster video games fan Luke Reast has enjoyed three visits to the interactive exhibition at Doncaster Dome.

Luke, who has autism, has enjoyed trips to the Game On exhibition with his mum Wendy.

Wendy said: “Luke loves video games and has really enjoyed the Game On exhibition at Doncaster Dome.

“The team at the Dome were great and let me have a sneak peek at the exhibition so that I could make sure it wouldn’t overwhelm Luke. There are also free tickets for carers which makes a huge difference.

“There are special sessions when changes are made to the exhibition to make it even more accessible for people with autism and we’ve been thrilled to visit.”

Luke, who is 21 years old, attended Coppice School until he was 19 and now has a one-to-one carer three days a week.

“He's always been fascinated by games and music and while he struggles with communication his knowledge on these two subjects is amazing.

Luke is also fantastic with dates and times, and he loves routine. He likes visiting the exhibition as it is quite a dark space and there are quieter day time sessions. He loves video games so much and we’re really pleased that the exhibition has come to Doncaster.”

The Game On event is at the Dome until April 14 giving video games fans a chance to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some of their favourite games.

Steven Parker from Doncaster Dome said: “It is great to hear how much Luke has enjoyed visiting the Game On exhibition, there are more than 150 video games to try so we can understand why he keeps coming back.

“Game On explores the history and culture of video games and we’re looking forward to welcoming even more games fans, school visits and group visits and families as they learn all about gaming’s fascinating past and limitless future.”

Focusing on key game developments across the globe between 1962 and the present day, Game On has welcomed over 4 million visitors from 23 countries.

Gamers can enjoy everything from the colossal Mainframes of the early sixties to the latest industry releases, as the exhibition features more than 150 playable games, including Space Invaders, Mario, Rock Band, and Minecraft. 

The Game On Exhibition curated by the Barbican Centre and organised in collaboration with The Doncaster Dome. The City of London Corporation is the owner, founder and principal funder of Barbican Centre

Tickets costing £8.50 - £14.50 (plus booking fee) are on sale now.


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