Update on Thorne Leisure Centre

Chris Hone, chief operating officer for Doncaster Culture and Leisure Centre, said: 

We are pleased to report that works on the refurbishment of Thorne Leisure Centre are progressing well

“This month has seen work on the Pool Hall roof completed along with the Pool Hall ceiling and the glazing of the front elevation in that area. The team have also completed the repairs to the internal walls

“Works to strengthen the changing village roof have taken place and repairs on that roof area are now underway. We’ve also seen the first fix of the ventilation system completed and the repointing of the brickwork to the roofline."

“Over the coming weeks work will take place to glaze the rear and side elevations and to decorate the pool ceiling facias. The works package will start on the internal drainage works and the replacement of the pool filtration pipework will begin."

“This is a major refurbishment, and we will keep our local community up to date with progress on a regular basis. We will be starting our community engagement in June. Our thanks go to the Ward Members for their continued support and involvement in helping to progress this project. It will be a real benefit to the community when it reopens in Spring 2024.”

Updates will be provided on the DCLT website: www.dclt.co.uk