A group of young refugees visited Doncaster’s Game On exhibition

A group of adults, young people and children who have re-settled in Doncaster from Afghanistan visited the Game On Exhibition at Doncaster Dome this week.

The visit was arranged by the Refugee Council and the group of 34 enjoyed seeing and playing the video games at the exhibition that showcases the history of video games.

Cathy Hinde, head of business development at Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust said: “It was great to welcome the group to our Game On exhibition and show them the different games and how things have developed over the years.

“Interestingly 18 of the young people had been part of an Afghan Women’s football team and it was great to talk to them about their love of sport.”

Mahdiya age 19, who moved here with her younger brother and parents, is studying at Doncaster College and wants to train to be a teacher, she is pleased to be continuing to play football at a team in Worksop, she said she is happy living in Doncaster and said: “The people of Doncaster have been very welcoming and kind.

“We feel very safe living in Doncaster and have the freedom to do what we want to do, without restrictions. There is a good community here for us to be a part of and we have made lots of friends with people from lots of different countries. We feel safe as a family.”

The children all enjoyed time on the video games exploring the different games on offer from Minecraft to Pac-Man and Space Invaders to Mario.

The Game On Exhibition curated by the Barbican Centre and organised in collaboration with The Doncaster Dome. The City of London Corporation is the owner, founder and principal funder of Barbican Centre