Couch to Race for Life sessions launched in Cancer Prevention Week

We are launching a 16-week Couch to 5K course with an option to participate in the Race for Life in Doncaster. You can book here.

The sessions start on Monday 19th February 5.30 -7pm at the Cycle Track, with the goal of helping to get people moving and to raise awareness of cancer during the start of cancer prevention week.

The event is being delivered by our fitness staff alongside a local running club.


Meet: Cycle Track, Doncaster Dome DN4 7PD 

When: every Monday from 5.30-7pm. with sessions taking place on the cycle track, which is a safe, light and private environment for people to walk or run.

Who: for people age 16+  

Availability: 40 spaces are available. The first two sessions are funded by Well Doncaster to allow free access for everybody.

If you are a Choose Fitness member all 16 weeks are free as part of your membership, for non-members each session is £6.50.


  • Ongoing advice raising awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer alongside information on how to carry out personal checks and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  

  • Weekly nutritional and weight loss advice   

  • Advice on running technique and recovery 

  • Personalised health advice by our fitness team on living well 

  • Free body health screening with Boditrax

  • Ongoing weekly support to prepare for Race for Life in Doncaster  


Funded by Well Doncaster as part of their commitment to help people in Doncaster live healthier lives.

The project helps cancer prevention by offering advice on how to carry out personal screening and what symptoms to look for, evidence shows that early detection can make the cancer easier to treat and prevent it reaching an advanced stage. We hope the knowledge shared with attendees will also help them to support and encourage family members to do the same.   

Well Doncaster are encouraging participants to work towards the Race for Life, offering them a target to work towards and an opportunity to take part in an event to raise awareness of cancer prevention.  

Book your session here!