Update on Thorne Leisure Centre - April 4th

Michael Hart, chief executive of Doncaster Culture and Leisure Centre, said:

“I’m pleased to report that the fire damage that occurred at Thorne Leisure Centre earlier this month is all repairable and the work to rectify it is set to be completed next week.

“Phase one of the refurbishment works – preparation contracts covering areas such as asbestos and roofing – are also on schedule to conclude mid-March.

“From 20 March, phase two of the development work will come into force, with the venue becoming a full construction site and internal structural works to the pool hall getting underway. This includes the re-lining of the pool; full replacement of the pool plant; poolside flooring replacement; and the installation of new ceilings throughout.

“While the work is ongoing, we will of course be continuing to run fitness sessions in community venues to give people the opportunity to stay active in their local area.”