Guardian Pass

Our new Guardian Pass allows a Choose Adult member, aligned with a youth member to apply for a pass to train with the Choose Youth member outside of the youth access times.  By applying for a pass this will act as acceptance of the terms and conditions below. 

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to apply for a pass.

Terms and conditions

  • Parent/Guardian must attend and remain on-site with every youth visit, either actively supporting the youth within the activity area or taking part in another activity.
  • A maximum of two junior members can be added to an adult membership. 
  • Parent/Guardian takes full responsibility for the actions of the youth member/s at all times. 
  • Parent/Guardian understands that any deviation of the above will have their pass revoked. 
  • Parent/Guardian must have an active membership to allow the junior members to train at the centres outside of the standard youth access times.

Yes, I give permission to store and process my data